Reel 2021

The 2020-2021 season has undoubtedly been a complex one for everyone, and particularly for the culture sector.


Regardless, armed with courage and enthusiasm, my colleagues and I have carried out several projects.


This reel contains fragments of the projects in which I have been fortunate enough to participate in the Direction Team.


These projects are «Lo Que Hiede», written and directed by me, «Entre Luces de Neón» by Alba Pardo, «Atraco a la Memoria» by Carlota García, and «La Grieta» by Irene Romero, all of them creative and brilliant women. 

Lo Que Hiede

Lo Que Hiede is my first professional short film, made as a master’s thesis at TAI film school.



We shot the project in June, and at the moment it has been screened at the Royal Film Academy, and is at the distribution phase, so it is not currently available online. 



It has been the most professional project that I have been lucky enough to work on as Director and Writer so far. I am really proud of the team that supported me along this path full of emotions, we sure had some fun with this project.

Nieto 666: Music video

Nieto666 is a Murcian underground artist with well-known hits on the Spanish scene.


The project was quite a challenge, since we had location changes until a few days before filming, and we were forced to shoot in less than 6 hours.


This music video directed by me was possible thanks to professionals like Inés Andrade in the Art Direction, Paolo Zapico as 1st AD, and Alejandro Saner as Gaffer.

The Sailing Nauplio

A summer short film written and edited by me, thanks to the material photographed by J.C Coco, the captain of the Nauplio and Diego Ruiz, the exquisite voice of Olmo Algarra and starring Rufo, the best Setter in the world.


Accompanied by the Great Waltz of the great Tárrega, a binary rhythm that swings like the waves, and some chords that invite us to dream of freedom and the distant places yet to discover. 

Flammingo: The Music Video

Flammingo is a Sevillian rock band formed by top quality musicians. Led by Luis Harto, a professional composer responsible for several soundtracks of my short films.



I guess we could say I was in debt to him, so together with Marta Fernandez in the Art Direction, and Irene Lebron as DOP,  I produced and directed this music video, starring the great Zuleica Astillero.



It is a handmade production where I did the editing and the VFX. In a few days it reached 18k views on YouTube, a great success for the second and last music video of the band.

Amalgama Desarrollo

Finally Amalgama Desarrollo launched its page during the spring, by then I got my new camera, a sony 6300, and a stabilizer that I bought with the prize money from a video contest.


I was able to count on the Art Direction of my colleague Marta Fernandez and the Actors Direction of Zuleica Astillero. My family and friends helped me with the rest of the production elements. I also had the help of Kiko Rodriguez, CEO of Amalgama Desarrollo.

Pompeii (Non Official)

Pompeii is a Spanish shoe brand committed to the environment. They manufacture in local territory, and they care about the durability of the product. I use them personally, so when they opened a store in my hometown, I decided to welcome them with a little unofficial film for which they congratulated me.


The creative concept is based upon the idea of the extra value that durability and versatility in terms of styles give them. The protagonist of the spot is my brother, and I did it with the invaluable help of Zuleica Astillero. It was a lot of fun to do.

Jugando con LEGO

In 2019 Amalgama Desarrollo was born, a Startup with the purpose of giving job opportunities to qualified young people to work on projects in pursuit of social and environmental sustainability.


As a co-founder and CMO I was in charge of branding and communication but I could not count on a budget to film a launch spot. So I remembered some actors and locations that have been with me for many years and that work for free … my good old LEGOS.


Pincanello is the title of this short film that I directed with my brother and with the help of my lifelong friends, who starred in it.


Pincanello means table football in Italian, and the story tells of the tiredness of the friend that life has not treated well when his friend, the posh, is not only rude , but he is also cheating in the game.